Asian-diasporic – GAYS / GAZE / GENERATIONS

We will discuss the double role of filmmakers as both desired and desiring subjects and the potential for social change if we change the look of and on desire. Both films use comedy as a method of examining desire, stereotypes and relationship patterns. The films were shot 15 years apart from each other, so they show different approaches of two generations handling racialised cliches of Asian gay men.

My German Boyfriend
(Wayne Yung, 2004, 19 min)

A gay Chinese-Canadian is searching for his ideal lover. A comedy about alleged cultural identities, a diary about migrant isolation and a love letter.

Beer! Beer!
(Popo Fan, 2019, 17 min)

„Beer! Beer!“is an anti romantic comedy, which takes place one early morning after a wild party in Berlin. While Tao, Chinese, and Sebastian, German, are becoming closer and closer, a mattress suddenly changes everything…

Discussion with Wayne Yung und Popo Fan

Moderator: Kimiko Suda / korientation e.V.

Discussion in English spoken language.

Films in German and English.

This event will be streamed online and will be available until 29th May 2021.


22. May 2021


16:00 - 17:00