Double reading with Deniz Ohde and Selim Özdoğan

Streulicht (Stray light) by Deniz Ohde

In her debut novel, Deniz Ohde truthfully explores the fine differences in our society. She insightfully follows predetermined breaking points in the life of the narrator and points out sentence by sentence the attributions and expectations towards her as a working class child, the gap between the promise of equality of opportunity and her experienced inequality, the internalized devaluation and the attempt of liberating herself from it.

Der die Träume hört (To whom the dreams call) by Selim Özdoğan

A novel about social advancement and its losses. About the dull glamour of the streets. About drug trafficking 2.0, which remains a dirty business even on the allegedly clean platforms of the dark net. And about lost sons who should do better one day.

With Deniz Ohde, Selim Özdoğan
Moderator: Dominique Haensell

This event will be streamed live and will be available until 30th May 2021. Audience can ask questions via chat.


23. May 2021


19:00 - 20:45