Joana Tischkau: Being Pink Ain’t Easy

Pink people wanna know
if other pink people like hip-hop
how can it still be hip-hop?
That’s like asking,
if Black people like Dirty Harry
is he still Clint Eastwood? (Greg Tate)

Gangstas, pimps and hoes: The US-rap scene represents images of exaggerated masculinity. By establishing a pink, plushy fashion trend in the early 2000s, Black artists like Cam’ron or Kanye West proved that not even Barbies favorite color could damage the image of heterosexual masculinity. In this performance, Joana Tischkau visualizes the fragility of social constructs like race and gender: To what extend are bodies of the “other” being used to confirm structural hegemony of white cis-masculinity?

Conception/Choreography: Joana Tischkau

Performance: Rudi Äneas Natterer

Dramatization/Artistic cooperation: Nuray Demir, Elisabeth Hampe

Sound design: Frieder Blume
Stage manager: Inga Danysz

Light engineer: Juri Rendler

Costume design: Nadine Bakota

Production: Lisa Gehring

Moderator of discussion: Joy Kristin Kalu

This event will be streamed online and will be available from 22.5. 16:00 until 24.5. 24:00.


22. May 2021


16:00 - 17:00