Migrantifa now!

Migrantifa is solidarity. Migrantifa is an answer. To right-wing terrorism. To Neonazi-networks inside the police force and the military. To structural and everyday racism. To Antisemitism. To the fascistization of society.

A staged rally opens space for anger and sadness, concerns and analysis. Six initiatives and activists share their experiences with German society, fighting, showing solidarity and self-organization. They make claims, challenge and request.

Afterwards there will be three table-discussions, each with two activists of the rally where we can share, discuss and refine strategies, that can strengthen (self-organized) Black, Jewish, and or migrant, antifascist resistance.

With Garip Bali, Ibrahim Arslan, Initiative 19. Februar, Femmigra, Nadine Golly, Yevgen Bruckmann, NAV Dem Hannover
Moderators of table-discussions: Joanna Mechnich, Taudy Pathmanathan, Jeff Hollweg

The discussion will be held in German spoken language and translated to English.


24. May 2021


16:00 - 18:30